Monteverde - Arboreal

Monteverde - Arboreal
  • Duración : 90 Minutos
USD 40,00 US$
Arboreal Tree Climbing Park, is the first tree climbing park in Costa Rica. It represents not only a new adventure but a totally different way so you can enjoy nature and the Rainforests Of Costa Rica. Explore nature while having fun and living still an adventure. At the climbing park you will have at your disposal 8 trees, all different from each other, not only in species, but in height and also in difficulty. 
The trees are equipped with handhold pieces designed for climbing but specifically adapted for trees. They are attached with straps to the trees, preventing any harm or damage to the tree, maintaining this way its full integrity. This system is also complemented with automatic belay systems, meaning, the adventurers will be attached to the unit, which is certified by the most important safety standards available. This system will prevent belay systems operated by people, and so reducing the possibility of any error. 
As a climber you will climb any of our trees and once reached the top you will let go and the automatic belay system will descend you softly and safe to the ground.