Monteverde - Sunset Tram & Nocturnal Hanging Bridges

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  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
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The same cloud forest and its ecosystem but a totally new experience. Monteverde is well known to have incredible and beautiful picturesque sunsets, and as soon the night falls its forests wake up to a unique ecosystem that can only be lived when the lights are out. Our night and sunset tours starts with a ride on our Sky Tram. Going up the mountains on our aerial tramway, you will be able to admire nature just before the night falls. It is possible, and specially at summer season in Costa Rica, to admire one of Monteverde’s famous scenic sunsets: skies tinted by orange or purple tones, and the horizon painted by the unique silhouettes of its mountains. After that magical moment, the night hike will take place. You will walk on our Sky Walk trails, with the added element of darkness. Nature is so different at night, no green tones and distinct flowers to admire at night; you will be left to solve the doubt of what you can hear, smell, or maybe even feel, the sensations that can only be lived in nature where there is absolutely no lights. At night wildlife is so unique, so captivating, sounds you didn’t notice at day, will make you notice how different the forest is at night.