Monteverde - COMBO - Sky Trek, Tram & Walk

USD $99.00
  • Duration: 270 Minutes (approx.)
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An adventure package for a full day of experiences with amazing views that you won’t forget. You will be able to soar through the mountains at incredible speed, heights and lengths on our unmatched ziplines; explore the tropical forest from a bird’s eye view on the aerial tram; and get to discover deeply the secrets of nature in our hanging bridges and trails guided expedition. This package includes:

Sky Trek & Aerial Tramway:

Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the highest point of the mountain navigating over the forest, exploring and discovering amazing views of the forest, Arenal Volcano, Nicoya Gulf, and much more. From the top of the mountain, you will start riding down a unique zipline circuit that stretches across canyons, going from one mountain to another, and in between treetops. It truly is an exhilarating adventure of zip lining down the mountains. You’ll ride 8 cables that go up to 100m (328ft) in height and 750m (2460ft) in length where you will be astounded by its impressive heights, speeds that go up to 70km/h (43.5mph), and views, like in no other place.

Sky Walk Guided Hanging Bridges:

Sky Walk offers a more peaceful introduction to exploring Monteverde Cloud Forest on a 2.5km (1.5mi) trail that serpents through distinct levels of a wonderful diverse ecosystem. It combines a series of suspension bridges for a one on one experience with the flora and fauna of the forest canopy. You will hike deep into these magical tropical forests to admire nature from a distinct perspective.


  • 8 ziplines, 6 hanging bridges and tramway over the forest.
  • Unmatched views of the Arenal Volcano, Nicoya Gulf, and more.
  • Astounding ziplines that go up to 100m (328ft) in height and 750m (2460ft) in length and impressive speeds that go up to 70km/h (43.5mph).
  • Mountain to mountain and canyon crossing ziplines.
  • Professional certified braking systems on ziplines, with a main system and a backup one.
  • No hands on cable (always on pulley).
  • Person does not need to break on ziplines.
  • Hanging Bridges Trail length: 2.5km (1.5mi).
  • Hanging bridges: 6 (distances up to 236m (774ft), heights up to 50m (165ft)).
  • Admire primary and secondary forests with varying vegetation on our hanging bridges and trails walk.